Traveler Mage Robes & Armor:
A Vanilla Clothing Armor Mash Up

Adds a new clothing or armor cuirass called "Traveler Mage Robes".

  Skyrim Special Edition or Anniversary Edition

{Permissions & Credits}
Nothing in this file is really worth using for assets, as everything in this mod is vanilla... If you must use this for something, please just credit me and link it back to my stuff.  Special thanks to Caliente and Ousnius for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio. Thank you to all the other mod authors that have helped me online in forums and through sharing their knowledge via YouTube videos. If it weren't for all of you, I would have given up long ago.

Thanks to CKord for the screenshots!


{Get The Mod}

PC Bethesda:


PS4: Sorry, Sony says no outside assets. While this was made from existing meshes, the new nif is considered an "outside asset".

This mod is a simple vanilla armor mash up. It is made from vanilla armor and clothing files, and uses whatever textures you are using. The clothing version is craftable at the tanning rack, and the armor version is craftable at the forge, and temperable at the workbench. It comes in 2 colors, blue or gray. 

What this mod does not do:

-Have files for other body types. Sorry. If someone wants to make it for another body type, please have at it. Just give me credit for the original and link back here please.

-Alter leveled lists. I didn't put it in any of the merchant chests either, but it does have keywords so you should be able to sell it. Again, if someone wants to do this, please feel free.

-Add it to the Skyrim World. I didn't want to add a chest or put it somewhere that it might end up getting written over by another mod. Just craft it or get it via console.

-Add custom textures. I wanted the player to be able to dictate what textures this used, so it can look like vanilla, or it can be upscaled if you use texture replacers.