Mirai's Better Sleeping Arrangements

An Overhaul of Mirai's House from Mirai - The Girl With The Dragon Heart

  Skyrim Special Edition or Anniversary Edition
"Mirai - The Girl With The Dragon Heart" by kaleidx and BigAndFlabby

{Permissions & Credits}
Thank you to kaleidx and BigAndFlabby for Mirai. And thank you to all the other mod authors that have helped me online in forums and through sharing their knowledge via YouTube videos. If it weren't for all of you, I would have given up long ago.

{Get The Mod}

PC Bethesda: N/A - Creation Kit wouldn't let me upload for PC for the longest... May try again soon.

Xbox: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/4224297

PS4: Sorry. Sony says no outside resources.

After taking a six month hiatus from the CK and modding skyrim, I decided that I needed to jump back in with a "small" mod to get back in the swing of things. That's when I thought to myself... There was one part of the mod Mirai: The Girl With The Dragon Heart that made me question... Why is it that after you get married, you can move in with her, and her mom, but there's one single bed for all three of you to share?!


Introducing: Mirai's updated house!

New features include:

-Two bedrooms, with proper ownership set so mom won't be sleeping in your bed
-An alchemy corner
-12 planters
-Named Potion / Poison storage
-An enchanting corner
-Named Soul Gem storage
-A shower. (No undress / redress. Too many issues with the scripting that I used in my bathhouse mod. But maybe in the future.)
-10 weapon racks
-Two bookshelves with room for 108 books
-3 added chests, 2 wardrobes, 2 dressers, and 2 nightstands added for storage

FYI: Mirai won't let you take her things or sleep in her bed until you're married. Them's the breaks. Sorry!

I hope you all enjoy.❤