About Me

{About Ami} 

I'm just a regular, run of the mill, fan of video games... And that's why I started making mods for fun.

​I grew up in WA state, so I love a game with lots of wilds to explore. I especially fell in love with Skyrim because of the forest in Falkreath. It really reminded me of home. Even to this day, I like to turn off the music, and just take a walk in the woods in game.

My love for video games really started early. I still remember that one very special Christmas that my brother and I received our Nintendo 64 and seeing the graphics and my little kid brain going "WOW IT LOOKS SO REAL" (hahahahaha!)... And then spending hours, days, months, and years on the Zelda 64 games, and Super Smash Brother tournaments. Of course, we also eventually ended up with the Xbox, Game Cube, and even the Wii throughout the years.

​After some bullying when I was a teen, I sort of fell out of it for awhile. I made excuses. I was "too busy" for gaming, or it was "too expensive"... Both things weren't necessarily false, but were also definitely not 100% true. But as an adult, who finally realized that it really doesn't matter what people think of you, I decided to get back into it. 

Skyrim was one of those games that I instantly fell in love with. And that is what gaming is all about.

The first time I played Skyrim, I was 21 and drunk at a party, and I remember I ended up barely making it through to Riverwood. I followed Rogvir. After talking with Gerdur, I picked up the axe and just kept chopping wood because she told me if I needed gold to "chop all the wood I could and bring it to her"... I remember being drunk thinking, "What do I do now that I got my wood chopping job?" But I never did figure it out. Because. Booze. 

Fast forward a few years later, I am married and it's my birthday. I am sick with the stomach flu, and laid up in bed with nothing better to do. My husband says to me, "Why don't you plug in your old 360 and play some games to pass the time?" So I did. And I played so many games that I missed out on over the years. I loved them so much...

In 2017, I finally got my own copy of Skyrim and decided to play. Of course, I was instantly in love.

Making mods for Skyrim has really helped me with my mental health, by giving me a sense of community during the Covid-19 pandemic, and by engaging the creative side of my brain.

​It was in 2018 that my 360 finally kicked the bucket, and I decided I should think about upgrading to a Xbox One S or X... I had been saving some money, when a friend decided to gift me her One S for Christmas after upgrading to the X. Then I realized that I could finally play with those things called "mods" that everyone on youtube talked about.

In 2020, we all know what happened. Covid-19 happened. I was laid off from my job, which I was really bummed about. I was depressed, so I did what any sensible, freshly 30 year old would do when depressed and being forced to stay home... I bought a used gaming laptop off my brother so that I could learn how to make mods, and adopted a dog.

In my quest for knowledge, I have made many friends online. Some that I truthfully, would love to meet in person one day. They have been supportive when I needed support. They were kind when I needed kindness. And in all honesty, cared when I needed to be cared about... I wouldn't say that my mods are great, or even good, but I made them out of love for the game, support from those who have modded before me, and the kindness of strangers who befriended me on this journey.