Taking Care of Business


So as some of you may already know, I have a lot of health and mental health issues. So that's why I took a hiatus from making mods...

 I recently dipped my toes back into it and have been messing around in the CK, but nothing super serious. I have lots of plans but have been having a hard time focusing lately, so I haven't been taking it super seriously like I did last year.

As of yesterday, I have received news that the psychological center that I have been waiting on has room for me to see the doctor next month instead of having to wait until December, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out what exactly is going on with me and get a treatment that actually works.

In other news, I am working on doing a fresh install of Skyrim SE so that way I will have (hopefully less issues when making/editing mods...

I still have lots planned, and will be hopefully jumping into it soon.

Take care. Xoxo.