Hey everyone! I have some news for those of you who follow.

I created a discord server to help me manage any inquiries. You are still free to use the contact form on the site, but if you have any immediate problems, please join my server and submit a bug report there. 

In other news...

I have been busy working on my custom voiced followers. The team for the original follower mod that I had joined fizzled out due to life complications all around, and I was given permission to take it on myself. For now, I am focusing on getting the second one that I started up. I had run into a few hiccups regarding her features, but I seem to be back on track and will be starting voice probably next week! I can't wait to share her with you all!

Other than that, things with my life have been pretty boring. Just same old same old. I finally got back on some insurance and I'm restarting all my health monitoring, so things are good on that front. And I'm still feeling pretty good, so I haven't had any of those issues.  Thank you for checking in on me and following my progress!

Take care! Maybe I'll catch you in Discord!